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Terms &

Article 1: Definitions

Under '' or '' in these Terms and Conditions means the person who declared these Terms and Conditions apply.
Under 'other party' in this agreement means the person who the validity of these Conditions in any way accepted or it may be presumed to have accepted.
'Written' in these Terms and Conditions means the use of e-mail, fax, telegram or (registered) letter.

Article 2: General; offers and confirmations
These General Conditions apply to all legal relations with Nano Coat Shop as a provider, vendor and / or supplier of goods occurs, be-en/of processing and / or performing assembly work, with accompanying materials included.
All offers are free, unless they include a deadline for acceptance. All samples and other data are provided with an offer only as an indication. If a quotation contains an offer without obligation and this is accepted, the Nano Coat Shop revoke the offer within 5 working days after receipt of acceptance.
All orders, by representatives of Nano Coat Shop or through intermediaries included bind Nano Coat Shop See if this Coat Shop by Nano confirmed in writing.
Applicability of the other party's terms and conditions are expressly rejected those conditions to the extent necessary for this act in the place.
If a legal relationship as specified in paragraph 1 together with these conditions, other conditions apply, then in case of conflict for the Nano Coat Shop most favorable provision applies, at the discretion of Nano Coat Shop.
Restrictions apply between Nano Coat Shop and the other party, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

Article 3: Prices
Nano Coat Shop is authorized to collect taxes, duties, levies or other charges, the government after the offer or conclusion of the agreement introduced or increased, to the other party to pass.
If after a promotion or formation of the contract one or more of the cost factors, the price or prices of Nano Coat Shop is / are based, by which circumstance also undergo a change, is Nano Coat Shop entitled offered or agreed price / prices accordingly increase without thereby entitling the other party to terminate the agreement.
All prices are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Article 4: delivery, delivery and transportation
Agreed delivery times are indicative and not as mandatory.
The transportation of goods is always the risk of the other party, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Nano Coat Shop Fees are charged for transportation to the other party, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Nano Coat Shop is always free in the choice of transport and transportation.
The transport ends at the moment that the goods at the place of destination have been delivered, during heavy or bulky goods, this is the time at which the goods are placed next to the transport means.

Article 5: Packaging
Upon delivery of goods may Nano Coat Shop packaging available to the other party. Nano Coat Shop may charge a fee. If Nano Coat Shop in the agreement mentions that the packaging is loaned, the other party requires the packaging in the same condition and quantity at the disposal of Nano Coat Shop, prepared on the day that Nano Coat Shop the empties out again.
The other party must Nano Coat Shop when writing posts by Nano Coat Shop the packaging can be collected.

Article 6: complaints
Unless the order by the party special quality have been made by Nano Coat Shop confirmed in writing, is a commercial quality according to the applicable (BS) standards delivered. Nano Coat Shop has the right to deliver goods which are slightly in color and / or design from the product, sample or example.
The other party immediately upon delivery of the goods to determine whether the delivered to the agreed requirements.
Complaints from the other party, stating that the goods supplied do not meet the agreed quality, within 8 days after receipt of the goods by a registered letter to the attention of Nano Coat Shop be, failing which it has no right against Nano Coat Shop will assert .
If a timely complaint appears incorrect Nano Coat Shop is only obliged to replace the goods delivered by goods of agreed quality. Nano-Coat Shop has their own choice-also have the right to refer the matter to recover, or to proceed to credit the amount already paid invoice. The other party will therefore not entitled to rescission of the contract may assert. Any other or further liability of Nano Coat Shop is excluded.
Nano Coat Shop is not liable for the technically unavoidable deviations of color, quality, pure and thicknesses. Complaints from the other party about the manner of performance by Nano Coat Shop of the agreement, and not related to the quality of the delivered, must be timely and in a manner to knowledge of Nano Coat Shop be that this is the accuracy of the complaint may satisfied, failing which the other party to claim any right against Nano Coat Shop shall not be upheld. Defects can be detected immediately upon delivery (including failures relating to amounts, or product) by the other party should be reported immediately to the document that is signed upon delivery (eg waybill). If such a defect is not on the above mentioned document, the other party any rights to the flaws in this article.
If a timely complaint appears incorrect has Nano Coat Shop has the right to demand its obligations, without the other party to further animal matter something of Nano Coat Shop may claim, with the exclusion of cases where compliance is no longer possible might be.

Article 7: Payment
The other party's invoices Nano Coat Shop payable within 21 days after the invoice date without any deduction, unless otherwise agreed in writing, or forwards with IDEAL. The payment shall be made without setoff or suspension for any reason whatsoever and without the defendant's payment with batter among themselves or otherwise permitted to block. Nano Coat Shop, however, at any time without giving reasons for or entitled to cash payment upon delivery of the business require. A payment is considered received once the amount is credited to a bank or giro accounts of Nano Coat Shop or in cash to Nano Coat Shop is handed in issuing a receipt.
Upon expiration of the period mentioned in paragraph 1, the other party is legally in default without any notice is required. In that case the other party from the date that the required sum became due until the date of payment on the unpaid amount an interest of 3% per month or part thereof.
Each payment shall first be deducted from the costs, then the interest due and finally to the oldest invoices and accrued interest, even if Nano Coat Shop a different sequence of attribution. In case of late payment of an invoice, all payment obligations of the other party, whether Nano Coat Shop the matter has already invoiced, payable on demand.
Nano Coat Shop is also entitled to the agreed price immediately and completely to claim or to terminate the agreement in case of bankruptcy of the other party or his moratorium, claiming a significant portion of their property, seizure of goods destined for execution of the agreement or closure or liquidation of the company.
In case of default by the other party is obliged all extrajudicial collection costs to comply, which are set at 15% of the total amount owed with a minimum of 250.00 euros.
If Nano Coat Shop the bankruptcy of the party requesting it out of the agreed price and the subsequent oppressive persecution and extrajudicial costs also the costs of bankruptcy due to the rate, which is applicable in the district where the bankruptcy petition should.
If Nano Coat Shop after party is in default, sends payment reminders or other requests for payment to the counterparty focus does not detract from the one specified above.

Article 8: security and retention
Nano Coat Shop has, if ground exists to fear that the other party its obligations under the contract will not fulfill the right to require that upon request of Nano Coat Shop immediately satisfactory and in the Nano Coat Shop desired form security for the fulfillment of his obligations, particularly the payment of the agreed price. Non-compliance with the appropriate written notice gives Nano Coat Shop the right or the fulfillment of his obligations to suspend or terminate the agreement without prejudice to his right to damage compensation.
Nano Coat Shop reserves the ownership of the goods delivered by him for as long as the party has not fully complied with all obligations arising under the contract, the reimbursement of claims for failure to fulfill that agreement by the other party expressly including. Until then, be deemed delivered by Nano Coat Shop the party not in custody to be given.
If the other party is in default in respect of any of his obligations is entitled Nano Coat Shop belong to him at the expense of the other party back from the place where they are located. All costs and damages, whether caused by falling on the business during the period that they were among the party, come at his expense and risk. The other party is obliged to cooperate with Nano Coat Shop, if they recall its jurisdiction wishes to use, under penalty of a fine of 10% of the invoice amount.
If and as long Nano Coat Shop still owns the to the other party supplied / yet to be delivered, will party Nano Coat Shop immediately notify when said items have (likely) to be taken or otherwise by third parties claiming (any part of) items listed. Moreover, the Nano Coat Shop party at his first request where said items are located.
The other party guarantees that a herd on the matters as soon as possible is removed. With (threat of) attachment, (provisional) suspension of payments or bankruptcy on the part of the party, will other party with batter threatening third, attaching official, administrator or trustee immediately of the (property) rights of Nano Coat Shop.

Article 9: in custody or in processing business data
The risk for damage or breakage at the time or due to transportation, temporary storage and / or storage or processing on Nano Coat Shop for processing or for safekeeping business or business to which or with which wherever a command is performed, on behalf of the party.

Article 10: quantity, size weights and sizes
Regarding quantity, dimensions and weights of all cases retains Nano Coat Shop located in accordance with applicable tolerances (ISO) standards.

Article 11: Force majeure
For damage caused by circumstances that Nano Coat Shop at the time of entering into the agreement were not foreseeable Nano Coat Shop is not liable. Such circumstances be deemed to be: lack of materials, plant malfunction of any kind, strike, lockout or lack of workers, quarantine, epidemics, natural disasters, mobilization, martial law, state of war or war, traffic obstruction on trains or lack of transport, traffic blockades and incomplete, late or non-fulfillment of agreements by suppliers of Nano Coat Shop, whatever the reason or cause. Nano Coat Shop has the right to force majeure the fulfillment of the agreement to suspend or dissolve. Nano Coat Shop reserves the right to the already executed part of the contract to the other party billing. If Nano Coat Shop a temporary suspension of part of the agreement later still performs, the other party without some form of discount the entire agreed consideration payable.

Article 12: adoption of risk sharing at work
If Nano Coat Shop also undertakes to which he sells goods on behalf of the other party to edit and / or process, or when only involves processing and / or assembly of goods, on the legal relationship between parties to the sore previous articles also apply certain provisions in this article states. In case of conflict, what is true in this article and the following articles is determined.
The other party at the end of the day the Nano Coat Shop on that day to record work performed and to-approve their approval. If the other party fails without reasonable cause or, in case of rejection, fails Nano Coat Shop immediately in writing the reasons for disapproval to communicate, work is considered the satisfaction of the party to be delivered and by these to be approved.
If a timely complaint with regard to the installation of affairs is considered valid Nano Coat Shop is only obliged to re-edit by Nano Coat Shop of affairs. Any other or further liability of Nano Coat Shop is excluded.
The storage of goods from the end of the shipment pursuant to Article 4, 3rd paragraph, is the expense and risk of the counterparty. If fragile items are stored on site before it by Nano Coat Shop assembled, processed or treated, the other party shall these things do not move.

Article 13: safety on the site
The other party is responsible for safety on the site. The other party guarantees that all existing on-site materials, tools enandere goods properly and meet the requirements of the (legal) requirements are defined.
Under construction site means the entire area in which activities occur, whether these activities take place under the responsibility of the party.

Article 14: size and other information
The other party is responsible for the accuracy of the specifications and drawings or otherwise common to Nano Coat Shop enhanced data concerning dimensions, quantities, structures, methods, etc., all this in the broadest sense. When there is a difference between these data and the reality Nano Coat Shop right to indemnity or fee.
The other party will never be able to require that Nano Coat Shop by those used tools such as, cement, putty, etc., one or more specific brands or certain quality used, unless expressly agreed in advance.

Article 15: more or less work
More or less work will generally be settled according to the unit prices agreed between the parties or 1m2-ers. Failing settlement will take place according to the specifications listed in the unit.
If the specification fails, the settlement made on the basis of the normal current prices, prevailing on the date that the work was performed, respectively, had to be performed.

Article 16: damages and liabilities
In all cases, the Nano Coat Shop is never obliged to pay compensation, the normal invoice value of the goods and / or services in respect of which compensation is sought beyond.
Nano Coat Shop is not liable for damage due to exceeding time limits, nor for consequential or indirect damages, including damages for lost profits.
Nano Coat Shop is not liable for damage to or loss or loss of business at the request of the other party to Nano Coat Shop are stored. This storage is always the risk of the counterparty.
Nano Coat Shop is exclusively liable for damage to the building and damage to and loss of on or near the work relied on building materials, tools, or other objects when they are caused by demonstrable intent or gross negligence of himself or those which he in the execution the contract is exercised.
Nano Coat Shop is not liable for the consequences of supplying and / or assembly of goods in accordance with existing standards, practice guidelines and / or manufacturer's instructions as improper, thickness and / or composition.

Article 17: Guarantee
Depending on the product warranties and conditions may be issued. It should be made before an inspection before warranty is provided for the products. Contact your warranty if you wish. Regular maintenance will extend guarantees.

Article 18: legal requirements
If after the conclusion of the agreement of adoption by the void, amend or introduce laws, regulations, etc. of performance of work higher than those prevailing at the date that Nano Coat Shop quotation did, the more directly with the work-related expenses are deducted.

Article 20: consumer transactions
If the other party is a natural person who is not acting in the exercise of his profession or business, the provisions of this Agreement if and when they fall within the scope of the provisions mentioned in Article 236 of Book 6 of the Civil Code .

Article 21: limitation
Claim Rights of the other party against Nano Coat Shop lapse no later than one year after it occurs.

Article 22: Applicable law, competent court
All legal relationships between Nano Coat Shop and the other party is subject to Dutch law.
Any disputes between Nano Coat Shop and the other party arise, to the competent Dutch court will be presented.

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Act Remote Buying

Since 1 February 2001, the new law to buy power from.
Consumers thus have a stronger legal position when it comes to such purchases over the Internet. Below you will find information about the law 'Buy on Distance.

We recommend that you do this carefully, so that no ambiguities arise over. To clarify the text, the notions of consumer and

"Seller" instead of "you" and "we."

What is a distance contract?

A distance contract as the law defines who is a purchase where the consumer and seller together to purchase that have not seen. Of a

distance contract is given for example if the consumer via a mail order or Internet order.

Important enhancements consumer rights

Consumers have the right to a cooling off period of 7 days after delivery of the product. They may have a product within that period return, which they

only the postage for returning have to pay. The seller may no shipping or handling charges. The product must be

undamaged, in original packaging (undamaged) and complete accessories and accessories (undamaged) are returned.

If the seller has financed the product (eg by providing a loan), the financing by the seller

dissolved if the consumer uses the cooling period. The costs incurred by the finance company have been charged, shall be borne

of the consumer.

The product must be within 30 days after the order be delivered to the consumer. If not, the consumer can purchase immediately undone.

This does not apply if the parties have agreed to a different delivery.

If the consumer product within the cooling off period return, the seller within 30 days, the amount paid back pay.

The cooling-off period does not apply to:
Especially for the consumer ordered, or articles made by the seller normally not in the assortment. This is made known in advance; CD-ROMs

and software which were unsealed;

The additional duties of the seller.

The seller must provide the following information before going on sale to consumers:

1. His identity and, with (partial) payment, his postal address;
2. The main features of the product;
3. The price of the product (including all taxes);
4. The cost of delivery (if applicable);
5. Method of payment, delivery or performance of the distance selling;
6. The existence or non-application of the cooling off period;
7. The possible validity of the offer;
8. The minimum duration of the agreement when it comes to for example the purchase of a subscription for mobile telephony.

The supplier must also look at delivery the following information:

1. The requirements for using the cooling period. This is always done in writing;
2. The visiting address of the supplier;
3. Details of any warranty.

When the supplier of the above information is not (completely) has given the consumer, the cooling off period of 7 days only from the

when the consumer has all the information received, with a maximum of three months.

The law "protection of consumers in distance contracts" (Bill 26 861), the implementation of European Directive 97/7/EC.

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We can only take goods back if the following points are met:
Materials will only be returned if previously notified in writing and authorized by a fellow work of the department
# Complaints & returns

Upon notification of return items must be reported to the following:
Quantity to return items.
Type of returning the product.
The order number and / or invoice number of the corresponding order.

Items offered for return must be dry and in original packaging (not arrived) to be delivered.
Especially for items you ordered are not returnable.
Products including: buckets, rags, sponges etc are not returnable.
In particular, return of goods is 20% of the total amount to be refunded deducted.
If the returned goods should be removed, the transportation costs are fully charged.