About us

Nanocoat is producer and supplier for nanocoat products worldwide.

Nanocoatshop has started online sales since 2011. You can easily pick the right products, and put it in the shopping basket.
Nanocoatshop will pay much attention to your order. Every order is offered by the next working day at TNT. Assuming a normally functioning post office is up to you in 3 working days after your order payment of the ordered products in house. This is for the Netherlands. For all other country's delivery time will be between 1-4 weeks.

We got service as a high priority and change or refund is no problem. Any further information you need about our payment options, information about ordering, our shop and the conditions for change / return and sending your order you will also find on our website. Do you have a question or suggestion please contact us and a response follows asap.

PO Box 375
2400 AJ Alphen aan den Rijn
Tel: +31-(0)88-141 04 30