Moisture and dirt penetrate unhindered into the fabric by which the functionality of the material damage and the final appearance is poor. NC Textile protection is a protection against water and dirt, for textile impregnation. NC Textile Protection is a textile impregnation based on chemical nanotechnology.

Suitable for all types of fabric like cotton, polyester, mixed fabrics, leather. Afdekkleden, pipe caps, pillows. Furniture, carpets etc. Provides clothing and shoes water-repellent properties.

For best results we recommend the following steps:

The substance to be treated must be free of contaminants. Preferably apply to objects in new condition. NC Textile protection must be applied by spraying. The tissue, especially at the seams, must be fully wetted. After drying the tissue, the treatment can be improved by heat. This can be done by ironing or blow drying.
If the NC Textile protection is applied to this place outdoors and have enough air to dry. Cleaning of coated fabric: Garments can be easily cleaned with the wax. The impregnation will be removed completely by washing. Leather goods and shoes can be cleaned with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Usage: about 250 ml/m2. Working Temperature: 5-25 degrees. Storage: Mindstens 6 months at room temperature. Tightly closed.


Given the variety of surfaces and environmental conditions, the information on this sheet is, in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to provide the necessary care for the intended purpose of our product. We are not liable for the non written mention of the procedure and alerts where for other purposes than those specified herein.