NC HPS is an aqueous inorganic-organic coating based on chemical nanotechnology. Self-organizing components give the surface a hidden layer with water-and oil-repellent properties.

NC HPS is versatile for porous, absorbent soil as stone, brick, plaster, etc. It protects perfectly against mosaangroei, bacteria and algae during heat insulating plaster facades occur. The walls remain dry in the rain and have no mosaangroei after treatment of NC HPS.

For best results we recommend the following steps:

The surface must be dry and clean before treatment. It can be applied by spraying, airlessgeraten, hvl-geraten or brushes applied. It must be from bottom to top to proceed. This test first on a subtle place. The amount of NC HPS depends on the substrate. For highly porous materials will need more product than in a smooth, dense and fine grain. The use is between 100-200 ml per m2. The surface temperature must contain between 5 and 40 degrees. Drying at 10 degrees after 6 hours. At 20 degrees after 4 hours. At 30 ° C. after 3 hours. After drying, NC HPS his entire work. The tools with water.


Given the variety of surfaces and environmental conditions, the information on this sheet is, in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to provide the necessary care for the intended purpose of our product. We are not liable for the non written mention of the procedure and alerts where for other purposes than those specified herein.