Nc glass has a coating specifically for windshields and window glass is made. The coating material based on nanotechnology. The coating protects the windows from rain and dirt. The rain dripping off by itself after treatment with glass protection.

Salt, oil, dirt and insects can be removed easily. Reduced visibility due to backlighting that can occur through the "rainbow effect", which can result from silicone, in the application of Nano Coat Glass Protection excluded.

NC Glass Protection is up to 1 year with mechanical loads, eg through the use of windshield wipers. It goes without saying that on each side windows and any other glass pane, the coating can be applied. The diamond is dirt and water repellent.

Make sure the glass is clean. This means that the glass free from scale, dirt and grease should be. This is best done with an alcohol and a dry cloth. Once the window is completely dry and clean with a cloth can of cotton or paper the Glass protection are applied. You lubricates the entire window in, and leave it about 30 minutes withdraw / dry. After navrijven with a soft cotton cloth.

- Dispose of the product in direct sunlight!
- Verkerk the product in temperatures below 5 ° C.
- Make sure the glass is completely clean.
- Make sure the glass is completely dry.


Given the variety of surfaces and environmental conditions, the information on this sheet is, in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to provide the necessary care for the intended purpose of our product. We are not liable for the non written mention of the procedure and alerts where for other purposes than those specified herein.