NC Clean Spray is a highly effective cleaner for large smooth surfaces, the color is irrelevant. As metal facades, plastic, PVC products. Mainly suitable for basic cleaning of Plexiglas, solar panels, car rims cleaning, etc. NC Clean Spray is effective against very heavy soiling such as grease and dirt. Prevents dust, organic debris, rust, oil, moss, grease, tar, black streaks, oxidation and crack.

For best results we recommend the following steps:

- Shake well before use.
- Prior to the surface of abrasive solids cleaned from dirt with a sponge and water.
- Apply at a temperature higher than 12 degrees, the humidity must be less than 80 percent.
- Not for use in full sun.
- Dark colors like blue, brown, red etc. may not have surface temperatures higher than 45 degrees.
- Apply by spraying. After use with a soft white cotton cloth, sponge or brush. For large surfaces with a scrubber cleaning. The quantity of the spray is on the size of the area and the pollution that it can run. The Clean Spray can be diluted up to 1:3.


Given the variety of surfaces and environmental conditions, the information on this sheet is, in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to provide the necessary care for the intended purpose of our product. We are not liable for the non written mention of the procedure and alerts where for other purposes than those specified herein.