NC Car Refresh

NC Car refresh is a time-saving Auto and paint polisher. It is a water-based system with abrasive substances for the cleaning and polishing of automotive paint and other materials painted. NC Car Refresh is a solvent-free polish enriched with nano coat. It restores the color and gives a long lasting gloss.

Apply to clean, dry or slightly damp cars and painted surfaces.

The best result achieved by the following steps:

- Wash the car and remove dirt and sand.
- A small amount of an NC do on a cotton cloth.
- Cleaning with circular movements and gentle pressure on the surface. (Can also with the help of a polishing machine.) The surface must be 15 to 30 minutes to dry. At that time will naturally protective layer on. Then with a polishing cloth to remove residue dried. 50-100 g is enough for a car.
-Working temperature: 5-25 degrees.

Beware! Do not use microfibre cloths. Do not apply to raw plastic surfaces.


Given the variety of surfaces and environmental conditions, the information on this sheet is, in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to provide the necessary care for the intended purpose of our product. We are not liable for the non written mention of the procedure and alerts where for other purposes than those specified herein.